A Reason to be Happy

Below, please find a chart depicting housing price gains during Q4 2014. Below that, I’ve listed annualized gains for 2014 as well as commentary on what all this means. Enjoy the good news!

Did you notice that all states experienced price growth last year? All indicators show that national home values are continuing to climb in 2015. Florida had the 2nd highest appreciation rate in the country! Why is that good for you if you already own a home? Rising home equity may make it easier to:

  • Refinance your home
  • Sell your home
  • Access cash for home improvements, college tuition or many other important expenses
  • Eliminate mortgage insurance –  This is a very popular right now!  I have numerous clients that purchased within the last few years and put down less than 20% so they carried mortgage insurance in their monthly payment on both FHA and Conventional loans. With home values rising and rates dropping many of those same clients are now able to refinance and lower their monthly payment by eliminating the mortgage insurance and obtaining a lower rate.

If you, or someone you care about, would like to explore the opportunities rising home values bring, please contact Dan Longman with Priority Lending Corp at 954-438-3776 Ext 11 or email at  Website: